EnBro Environment Bromley

Restarting the EnBro Walking Programme

As you know, we had to suspend the walking programme due to lock down. From 24 August the Covide-19 restrictions were relaxed and it has become possible to walk in groups of up to 30 (including the leader).

From 11 September further restrictions have been added regarding the number of participants of outdoor activities. This has been reduced to six.

Outdoor physical activity events’ such as EnBro walks are exempt from the restrictions on social gatherings known as the ‘rule of six’ from 14 September.

We are using a similar system to that of the Ramblers.

With the cooperation and thanks to generosity of some of the Leaders we are able to restart the programme.

This would only be as a temporary measure until the pandemic is over. Walks will be advertised on the EnBro web site (www.enbro.org.uk). This would allow members to book walks with the leaders.

To conform to the Covide-19 restrictions all walks would have to be pre-booked with the Leaders to limit the walk to 30 including the leader. This is the legal limit, and we could be fined if it is exceeded.

To book a walk, members must register with the Leader prior to the walk. They must also give contact details. These details will be kept confidentially for 21 days unless requested for tracing by the Health Authorities. It must be remembered members must abide by all of the current regulation on distancing and hygiene.

It is disappointing that we cannot offer more walks. We have contacted all the previous leaders with the planned restarting of the walks programme. Perhaps once the new system is up and running we will be able to advertise more walks. Meanwhile we welcome any members who would like to lead EnBro walks, just contact us.