Walk this way

Do you enjoy getting outdoors exploring countryside and town? Do you want to get fitter whilst making new friends at the same time?

We hear a great deal these days about the undoubted benefits for both physical and mental health of walking. We all know it’s really good for us but how do you go about taking the first steps (literally!) to getting into walking? Finding motivation isn’t always easy, finding excuses is. Excuses such as “I’m hopeless at map-reading, I’d get lost”, “It’s not safe to walk alone”, “It’s expensive joining a rambling club”, “I can’t think of anywhere to walk to” are just a few.

If you’ve not heard of EnBro before, it’s a fantastic rambling group set up in Bromley over forty years ago that’s open to all adults aged 18 or over. (Assistance dogs are welcome too.) EnBro walks range from short, gentle strolls ideal for those getting into walking for the first time, to medium length walks of a few miles, right through to more strenuous rambles for those feeling more adventurous. If you join, you’ll have access to a full programme of some 350 volunteer-led walks both locally and further afield. For almost all of the walks there’s no need to book in advance, just turn up on the day. Therefore, if your plans (or the weather!) change at the last minute, you’re not committed to attend. Details of mileage and the sort of terrain to be covered are listed in the programme. Many walks are circular, others may be linear. Some walks may have a special theme, for example looking at the historical or literary connections of a locality or maybe en route will pause to take in viewpoints or features in the landscape. Other walks may be done in sections over a period of weeks or months to cover a particularly notable route. Examples of this are the Pilgrims Way and the North Downs Way.

So, what about all those excuses mentioned earlier? Well, with EnBro there’s no need to be able to map-read, the walk leader does that and they always check the route out in advance so there’s no danger of getting lost! You won’t have to find somewhere to walk - in fact you’ll be spoilt for choice with such a varied programme of walks. You won’t have to walk alone either, you’ll be in a group, so you’re quite safe too. We’re a friendly bunch and you’ll always find people to chat to and a great deal of interesting conversation. There’s often lots of laughter too! So, how much does all this cost you may be thinking, an important consideration during the cost-of-living crisis which we’re currently going through? You may be surprised to discover that it’s only £7 for an annual subscription. For this, you’ll receive, on a quarterly basis, the full schedule of walks for members only and also details of occasional social events which you are welcome to attend. There is also information about discounts available exclusively to EnBro members from various local walking gear shops.

If you’re interested but would like to sample what EnBro walks are like before joining our group, just pick up a copy of the current EnBro Public Walks leaflet at any Bromley Borough library. These walks may be attended free of charge by all adults, whether EnBro members or not. These walks are just a taster of the many more walks you could attend if you become a member.

If you’d like to join EnBro, to receive quarterly details of all the walks that EnBro has to offer, check out our website at or email If you’re not online, call 07840 542261 for further information.

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